Thank you for applying to study abroad with

Thank you for applying with

We are excited to help you begin this incredible journey for your education abroad.

What are the next steps

Now that you have chosen your university, the next step is to schedule your online consultation so we can give you access to our online application system and app, where you will be able to upload all your documents, ask questions, get status updates and know what is happening with your entire admission process anytime from anywhere. To schedule your online consultation, please use our online scheduling system below:

What do you need for your online consultation?

Now that you booked your online consultation with an advisor, this is the list of documents and information you will need to have ready. Please note you will need to have a computer with internet ready the day of the appointment.

  • Copy of your passport (if available)
  • Copy of your Bank Letter, Sponsor letter or Admissions Financial Guarantee (if available)
  • Copy of all High School or Bachelor Degree Transcripts with official translations in English if they are not in English  (if available)
  • Copy of your high school or bachelor degree graduation certificate or diploma (if available)
  • Copy of your English proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE academic ( If available)
  • Copy of SAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT exams ( If available)
  • Recommendation letters ( Master’s degrees only ) If available
  • Resume ( if available )
  • Copy of I-20 form ( If already in the USA)
  • Copy of Visa ( If already in the USA)

What if i have additional questions?

You can contact us now directly one of the following ways:

Telephone to 1-786-218-7218

WeChat: 1-786-218-7212

WhatsApp: 1-786-218-7218

Email: [email protected]