How to get a job as international nursing student in USA?

How to get a job as an international nursing student in USA?

As an international nursing student, one of the most important steps of your career upon graduation is getting your first job as a Registered Nurse. The issue many international students find is that not many hospitals actually know how to sponsor and hire students under the OPT and many of them, do not know how to sponsor the students for them to become U.S residents, one of the best benefits an international student studying nursing have. This is where and collaboration with InSpring can help, we have partnered with some of the best health institutions across the country to supply them with the best international students graduating from nursing programs across the United States of America. We provide all the support you as an international student need as well as the hospitals, to assist them to recruit and retain great international students graduating from nursing programs.

Why should you choose for your nursing job placement?


Support during your last semester at the university and NCLEX preparation

As an international student studying nursing in the USA, we can begin assisting your job placement in the last semester of your nursing program. We will assist you with career advising sessions, mentorship assignments, cohort connections, your OPT processing, and most importantly your NCLEX Preparation.  It is always important that you contact us during your last semester, so we can organize your timeline to request your EAD and OPT, this way we can have all your documents in order upon graduation and you can begin employment right after passing your NCLEX exam. We will also help you prepare for the NCLEX exam, our team of professionals is some of the best in the industry and they will be able to get you ready to pass your NCLEX exam on your first try.

Job Placement in Hospitals across the United States of America

We have partnered with hospitals across the U.S. giving you the option to choose from many job opportunities across the country. Allowing you to stay local or experience working and living in cities like Boston, New York, or Miami. We specialized in the placement of international nursing students in the U.S., and all of our partner hospitals will value your diversity, ability to speak more than one language, and ethnic background. To our hospitals, you are an asset, not a burden and you will feel valued and respected as a foreign professional.

Immigration and Green Card Sponsorship*

As a client of, you will receive support for your entire job placement and immigration process. You will have a dedicated immigration attorney working on your, OPT (Optional Training Program), EAD ( Employment Authorization Card), and Adjustment of status for your Green Card or permanent residence EB-3 and  I-140 in the United States free of cost to you. This means you will have assistance for your entire process and our professionals will do the work for you, while you focus on your work without having to pay any attorney fees.

Employee Benefits and Paid Time Off

Once we have completed your job placement and you have begun your employment at the hospital you can expect to receive the following employee benefits from our partner hospitals:

  • Competitive Hourly Wage of US$30 dollars per hour*
  • Paid Time Off
  • Competitive Compensation with overtime paid at 1.5x base pay salary
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Professional Malpractice Insurance
  • 401k Retirement Plan with Employer match
  • US$1000 sign-up bonus
  • Liability and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Many other benefits

*Not all services are provided by Employee benefits may vary from hospital to hospital. Hourly wage hours may vary depending on the state.

*USCIS is currently on hold in the processing of permanent residences for international students in the nursing program.

Support 7 days a week

  • We will provide support 7 days a week for the duration of your job placement and immigration process.
  • Online Centralized application system with iOS and Android applications for mobile phones.
  • Team of health professionals, recruiters, NCLEX preparation professionals, and immigration lawyers supporting you in all aspects of your transition from a student to a professional nurse.

Best of all you are not alone, we are here to help you and your family every step of the way. If you are in the last semester of nursing school in the U.S., or you have graduated recently, we can help you build a successful nursing career in the U.S. Let help you achieve your dreams of a nursing career as an international student in the United States of America.

Already on Optional Traning Program (OPT)?

If you recently completed your degree and/or started your OPT period, we can still help you in securing permanent employment as an RN and kickstart your EB-3 and green card process. We are here to help you no matter at which stage you are in your nursing program or temporary work authorization.

Are you a U.S. Citizen or Resident?

If you are a U.S. resident or citizen recently graduating from a nursing program in the United States of America and you have passed your NCLEX RN exam, we can help you find your dream nursing job anywhere in the country. Your process as a U.S Citizen or Resident will be much simpler and faster and your job placement is guaranteed.


Roadmap for international nursing students job placement


  • Application and Job Placement Fee US$1000 dollars
  • OPT Form I-765 Filing Fee US$410 dollars*
  • Immigrant Visa Petition Form I-140 Filing Fee US$700 dollars*
  • Immigrant Visa Petition Form I-907 Filing Fee US$2,500 dollars*
  • Adjustment of Status (Green Card) Form I-485 Filing Fee US$1,140 dollars *
  • Adjustment of Status (Green Card) Biometrics Fee US$85 dollars*

* These are immigration filing fees for USCIS.

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