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High School Counseling Program

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About High School Counseling Program

The program is designed to assist and help high schools across the United States of America to reduce the workload of the high school counselors with international students. The program will provide international students with a dedicated service, 7 days a week and 365 days during the application process and studies afterward. EduBookings.com will provide free training to the existing counselors, pay for all onboarding costs, and best of all provide a white-label service like no other. Your international students will receive free counseling and support in the admission process to any of the universities they chose to study in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia.

Benefits for the High School

Our goal is to eliminate the common complications and frustrations that come with applying to universities, making it easy for the students and high school counselors to apply to universities across the world while providing support 365 days.

  • Reduce workload for current high school counselors.
  • 7 days a week and 365 days of support.
  • Free training and onboarding for all high school counselors.
  • Online scheduling system, allowing students to meet when it is most convenient for them.
  • The head of the school has access to all applications and communications for all students.
  • The school counselors have access only to students assigned to them.
  • Faster application turnaround for all partner universities.
  • White-label Service so students never feel like working with a third party.
  • High Schools can promote partnerships with 500 universities worldwide.
  • International students can apply up to three partner universities free of cost.
  • International students will have access to unique scholarships.
  • Guaranteed admission to one of our partner institutions.
  • Students can apply to any university and are not limited to the partner universities.
  • Real-time notifications to students and school counselors.
  • Access to free official English proficiency exams at no cost.
  • Centralized application system for students and counselors with downloadable App.
  • Commission for all international students attending partner universities.
  • No setup costs or fees for the high school institution.

* Some restrictions apply.

Benefits for the students

Students can sleep peacefully knowing that an advisor will be working with them on all applications and will continually update them on the progress of their admission, answer questions, provide next steps and assist them with any issues that come up at any time. Students also will receive support during their studies at the university all 365 days of the year at no cost to them.

  • Dedicated service 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.
  • Centralized application system with a downloadable app on iTunes and Google Store.
  • Students can apply up to three partners universities at no cost.*
  • Access to unique scholarships without any additional paperwork.
  • Dedicated advisor assign to all students. Answers from a real person.
  • Guaranteed admission to one of the partner institutions.
  • Faster application turnaround for all partner universities.
  • Access to free official English proficiency exams
  • Students can apply to any university in the U.S.
  • Support for the duration of studies in the university.

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Reach us via Email or if you prefer you can always book a online demo where you can have a dedicated online session and we will show your how the entire program works. Schedule on demo today.

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