Application Deadlines for Universities in the USA and the UK

What is the deadline to apply to a US university?

International students sometimes need help understanding the application deadlines or the last day they can submit their applications to study in the USA or the UK. This webpage will explain everything you need to know about university application deadlines in the USA and the UK.

The application deadlines differ depending on several factors. The first factor is the degree level; bachelor’s degree application deadlines are very different from those for Master’s Degrees. The second factor is whether you are an international or US resident student. In some cases, international students have less time to apply than US residents, and in other cases, they have the same amount of time.

The third and last factor is the university’s individual application deadline. Most universities have established their application deadlines; they do not necessarily follow any particular state rule except the University of California’s university system.

Universities ranked among the top 30 to 40 in the United States also have very early application deadlines for international students. Most of them close their applications in the first or second week of January of the year you wish to begin your studies in the Fall semester. Other universities may have slightly later application dates, around February 15 to March 31.

As an international student, know that even if you missed some of the deadlines above, there are plenty of excellent options that offer later application deadlines, such as the University of Arizona, Oregon State University, Florida International University or American University just to name a few, some of which have application deadlines up to May 31 for international students looking to begin in the Fall (August) of that same year.

Graduate program degrees vary mostly depending on the university and the department. This means that a university in the USA can have different deadlines for you to apply for an MBA program that they would have for a Master of Arts in Political Science. Always check the program application deadline on the official university page to confirm the last day you have to submit your application as an international student.

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The University of California University System?

The University of California Universities or UC universities have some of the earliest deadlines in the United States for international students applying as freshmen or first-year students. Usually, the deadline to apply to most UC universities is November 30th of the previous year. If you want to begin your studies in the Fall (August) of 2025, you must submit your application by November 30th, 2024. It is essential to know that the University of California only accepts first-year or first-year student international students in the fall semester, so you can meet the application deadline or wait almost two years to begin your studies.

What are the application deadlines for UK universities?

The application deadlines in the United Kingdom are very different than in the USA. International students who have completed their high school education in a British curriculum and have their O and A levels should apply through the UCAS system, which has all the universities in the United Kingdom. The application deadline for most universities and programs is January 31 for students who want to begin in the Fall (September) semester.

The University of Cambridge and Oxford University have a very early deadline of October 16, and most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine, or science and dentistry also have an October 16 deadline. These are the deadlines for international high school students looking to begin their first-year or freshman studies the following Fall semester.

Graduate international students or students seeking master’s degrees must check the official deadline on the university’s webpage, as they vary from program to program and university to university.

International high school students who did not attend a British curriculum high school are usually required to take a foundation year provided by the university or through third-party education institutions. The foundation year is for those students who still need to complete their O and A levels, and most international students fall under this category. The foundation year is an additional year you, as an international student, must take before you are allowed to begin your bachelor’s degree in the university, and it replaces the O and A levels required in the UK. While some universities enable exceptional students to enter directly to the bachelor’s degree without their O and A levels, this is extremely rare. In most cases, international students are denied admission because they need to have the O or A levels, knowing they could quickly enter through the foundation program.

The great news is that most universities have a foundation program, and most of the foundation programs have very late application deadlines, sometimes even up to June 30th, just three months before you begin your studies in September. Some universities like Kings College London or University College London have earlier foundation program deadlines. Still, in the majority of universities in the UK, their application deadline for the foundation program is June 30th.

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