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Are you someone who appreciates adventure? Do you want to continue your education in a bold, inspiring way? If so, was created for you. Our goal is to eliminate the common complications and frustrations that come with applying to schools, making it easy for students to find their perfect opportunity to study abroad.

Why do we care?

Because we believe that the experiences students gain from studying abroad are invaluable, and that everyone who feels compelled to further their education while simultaneously expanding their knowledge of the world should be able to do so, without being thwarted by roadblocks along the way. is a comprehensive, easy-to-access online database of study abroad programs. But beyond that, it is also a business, comprised of dedicated professionals who will apply to your desired programs for you.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Our passionate application advisors will complete the entire admission process, taking care of all those pesky details and ensuring everything is correctly filed. From there, all you have to do is sit back, wait for your acceptance letter, and voila! It’s time to go abroad. But our assistance doesn’t end there. We’ll even advise you as you prepare for your big adventure, providing you with valuable information and coordinating with contacts in your chosen country to ensure your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

After all, relocating to an unfamiliar destination abroad can be a nerve-racking experience. And at, we completely understand. That’s why we make every effort to support students who make the decision to study internationally, not just during the application process, but through every step of the journey.

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How we help to study overseas

At, we partner with many of the leading educational facilities in the US and all over the world. We familiarize ourselves with their application processes and work with their admissions departments to ensure we have a firm understanding of what is required from international students who are interested in what they have to offer.

We also look into many other aspects of studying abroad for the individuals we serve. Are you curious about the living accommodations on your future international campus? Do you require tuition cost breakdowns to make an informed decision? Are you interested in knowing about the amenities at a specific school? Do you need help browsing through the international programs offered in the United States? We will find you the answers you need or connect you with someone who can help.

Consider us your go-to concierge. We’ll handle all the particulars, so you can simply enjoy your search and focus on finding the right abroad school for your unique interests.

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What to expect

When you reach out to our EduBookings team, you’ll be connected with an advisor who will take the time to learn more about your preferences and requirements for your studying abroad experience. From there, your advisor will recommend the study abroad programs that fit best with what you’re looking for. Or, alternatively, if you’re already confident you know which study abroad program you’d like to attend, they will skip right to assisting you with your application process. After your application has been submitted, you can contact EduBookings at any time with questions or concerns regarding the status of your acceptance.

When applying via, many students receive word back from their chosen educational institutes much quicker than they would have otherwise. This is because personnel are trained to complete application forms correctly and work directly with universities to expedite the process when possible. Additionally, is a recognized partner of the institutions we work with, so applications that are sent through our system are expected each of the admissions departments we are associated with.

Once you have been accepted and you have finalized your decision to study abroad at a specific school, your EduBookings advisor will work with you to finalize any additional details.

From start to finish, it is our priority to provide students with friendly, accommodating support they can rely on.

Did you know?

Our advisors are trained to be knowledgeable about all aspects of studying overseas? If you’re curious about what student life would be like in a particular country or city, don’t hesitate to ask our qualified professionals. They are always happy to discuss what student life would be like in your desired destination. Whether you are curious about what types of activities are common in your potential new location, or you need to know how the local transportation systems work, our helpful team members can assist you! It’s just another way we make the decision to study internationally easier for the adventurous knowledge seekers we serve.

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